Charli Vince Face Painting


Please take a moment to read through this important information about Health & Safety, bookings, and my promises to you!



  • All bookings must be confirmed in writing using the booking form
  • For longer bookings and/or larger events a non-refundable deposit will be required
  • Prices and information are subject to change
  • I will start painting at the time required. A setting up period of about 15 - 20 minutes will be added without charge to the beginning of every booking
  • I can normally paint from 10 - 15 faces per hour. Please bear this in mind when deciding how long you would like to book me for
  • If I am required to stay later than the booked time, each additional half hour will be charged at £15 - £20 depending on the initial booking charge. 


  • All paints used by myself are professional standard, water based paints, compliant with all FDA and EU regulations.
  • I specialise in Cameleon and Diamond FX paints with Stargazer and The Face Painting Shop bio glitters.
  • My paints are hypoallergenic and are specifically designed for use on the face and skin.
  • All materials I use are 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free.
  • Despite the safety of the paints, it is not recommended for those with sensitive skin, skin irritations, grazes/unhealed cuts etc. to be painted
  • If you have concerns about allergic reactions or sensitive skin, I will happily perform a patch test
  • Some skin types can be prone to mild staining. Sensitive skin friendly soaps or shampoos can help remove this
  • All equipment is sterilised before every booking
  • Should paint get on any clothes, I suggest soaking them in suitable soapy water before washing, to avoid staining


I have your children's safety and enjoyment in mind at all times and as a result I reserve the right not to paint under certain conditions. See below for examples as the list is not exhaustive

  • I cannot paint the faces of those under 3 years old. The manufacturers of my face paints do not recommend painting children of this age as it can often be overwhelming for them. I will happily paint a small design on their arm or hand, but this is at my discretion
  • I am unable to paint anyone who is visibly unwell (runny nose, temperature, rash etc) due to health and safely concerns
  • I ask that parents/guardians ensure their child's face is clean before sitting down to be painted (I can provide wipes if required)
  • I will not paint a child against their will, even in situations where an adult will give permission. Please do not pressure any child into getting painted. If they are obviously unnerved by the experience or unhappy, I reserve the right to stop painting them. 
  • Children need to be under constant adult supervision whilst having their face painted and waiting in line
  • If the booking is for a party or gathering, please make sure all parents/guardians are aware that there will be a face painter present. It is the hosts responsibility to ensure all parents/guardians have been informed and any concerns/comments are relayed to me before I begin on the day
  • Without prejudice, I reserve the right not to paint any persons I feel should not be painted

  • I carry full public liability insurance. Proof of which is available upon request

  • Adults present are responsible for making sure children do not damage or mishandle any equipment


  • I will not hinder a child's/person's creativity in terms of what they request to be painted. So long as it's not offensive or impossible to paint, anything goes!
  • I will not assign designs, colours, or anything else based on gender or appearance. Pink and blue are just colours, not genders. Girls can be zombies and boys can be butterflies.
  • I will always greet everybody with a smile, a chat, and do everything I can to make the experience fun, pleasant, and one they'll want again
  • I will not paint designs that can be deemed as offensive, this is at my discretion 
  • I will paint one design per person, per turn. This ensures everybody gets at least one design. If the person/child would like another (arm/hand design, for example), they must wait in the queue again


Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. It's all vital to creating a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience for both adults and children alike!